About ME

Picture of the Group I am with on my way to Machu Piccchu

My name is Arvinder. And my mission is to travel to every Country of the world and make lasting friendships along the way.Travels

Been Travelling off and on for Several Years and have been to all 6 inhabited continents, love the idea of making friends in foreign lands and the experiences of being in a New Culture, the joys of trying local cuisines along the way.

There are few things better in life than stepping outside of ourselves and the small radius we call home. There is a large and beautiful world out there waiting to be enjoyed.

Embarking on a journey to a new place can be intimidating but the rewards far exceed any possible obstacles in the trip itself. In some instances, you may have the chance to immerse yourself in a new language and learn to speak new words. You will have the chance to learn and experience a new culture with rich history, diversity, and customs, thereby broadening your view of the world and creating a feeling of unity by connecting you with people who aren’t even from the same country.
Traveling breaks down barriers between nations and cultures, opening our minds up further to all of the new and exciting things we can learn about other people and the countries they inhabit, making our large world that much smaller, in a sense. Understanding other people and other countries serves to connect us and unite us.


My Travel Blogs



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