My Trip – flew to Amman Jordan, crossed into Jerusalem Israel. From Jerusalem to Eilat by Bus, crossed into Aqaba, From Aqaba to Wadi Rum, onward to Petra and Amman.

I wrote a small post on how to cross the border from Amman to Israel at the URL below

Amman to Israel

Crossing from Eilat to Aqaba

One can find a decent room for about 30 US Dollars just about anywhere in Jordan, I paid a little extra for a nicer room with hot showers, most places include breakfast. Cabs are cheap and the best way to travel in Amman, if you know Arabic you could try buses.

Amman Airport to Hotel Transportation: I had my hotel arrange Airport pick up, Cab driver was standing with my name on a paper, easy and convenient.


Beautiful City, the first thing you want to do it head to the Tourist information office, you will get all the info you need about Aqaba there. The highlight of my trip was a dive in the Red Sea. There are several Dive centers in the city. The dive picture below is me, I paid 35 JD for equipment and 40 minutes of diving.

Wadi Rum

I liked Wadi Rum more than anything else in Jordan, even better than Petra. Below is the Mini Bus I took from Aqaba to Wadi Rum For 5 JD, a picture of inside of what the wan looks like. It drops you off at the Highway and from there another Van or mini Bus to Wadi RumĀ TouristĀ Center.

Once at theĀ Tourist office you pay theĀ entranceĀ fee, there will be some localsĀ offeringĀ you camp site and tours.Ā Bargain the prices, most camp site include dinner and breakfast, which is quiet good.

The camp tents are comfortable and at night there was a bonfire with a few tourists sharing stories of their travels, there were 8 of us, mostly french, some there for mountain climbing. At night there is a clear sky and its the most stars in the sky that I have ever seen. I took a Jeep Tour of Wadi Rum and by sunset ended up climbing a mountain to get some great views and Pictures.


One of the Wonders of the world, is very touristy and costs 50 JD about 75 USD forĀ entrance. I spent a day there, it is amazing. While in Jordan, go see it,Ā don’tĀ plan on spending more than a day… just myĀ opinion.

Leaving Petra on a Friday, our Bus that was supposed to leave at 7 AM did not leave till 1 PM.

The mini buses generally will not leave in Jordan till they are full, so we ended up paying the bus driver twice the fair to drive (we as in the few of us in the bus).

My favorite part of the trip was Wadi Rum and not Petra.

Happy Travels!


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